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Non Fungible Tokens

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So, you have created an artistic piece and wonder how you would be able to issue an NFT token from it to allow selling or trading it?

So, you have a physical object that you would like to tokenize by uniquely linking an NFT to it?

Some basic steps on how to do that

  1. Create a Cardano wallet
  2. Use to create (mint) your NFT

1. Create a Cardano wallet

The simplest way is to install Yoroi

After installation in your browser, you may launch Yoroi.

Yoroi’s Cardano wallet set up process will require that you write down and store safely a secret comprised of a series of simple words in English in order to ensure that you will be able to access your wallet in the future.

When the set up process is complete you need to go to the “Receive” tab and copy your Cardano address

You are now set up to send and receive assets in Cardano.

2. Use to create your NFT

Connect to

Follow the process as indicated by the app

  • Paste the address you copied from your Cardano wallet in Yoroi
  • Upload the image file representing your art or physical object
  • Define the metadata that will accompany your art or physical object (filename, title, description)
  • Proceed with the payment to

As soon as you complete the process the following will take place

(a) You will receive the NFT in your Cardano wallet. You may easily check this in your Cardano wallet through Yoroi.

(b) You will receive a PDF certificate with the relevant Cardano blockchain transaction details at the email corresponding to your paypal account.

(c) In case you have chosen to link your NFT to a Near Field Communications Physical Tag, the tag will be mailed to you

What's next?


You are the owner of the NFT token that represents your digital artistic piece!

For physical objects, you may attach/embed your newly received Near Field Communications Physical Tag to your object. Then your physical object will be uniquely linked to the newly minted NFT.

And then what?

There seem to be various options:

  1. You keep the digital art (or physical object) in your personal collection. Having established the ownership through the token, you are free to share your art (or physical object) with others. You will always be able to prove that you are its originator by simply demonstrating the ownership of the NFT token.
  2. In case you make an agreement to sell your digital art (or physical object) you may transfer the NFT token through Yoroi to the Cardano wallet address of the buyer. The buyer can compensate you either with crypto or fiat. The digital art (or physical object) will need to be transferred to them as well.
  3. You may publish your digital art and promote for sale in one of the Cardano NFT marketplaces or other platforms (, reddit/r/CardanoNFTs etc)

Lovelace Marketplace

Supports both sales and auctions

Cardano NFT Reddit

Post your NFTS on the Cardano NFT subreddit

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